wire drilling

Wire drilling:



SFAM is a leader in metal wire forming. Our company deals with all drilled metal wire parts on straight, 2D or 3D wires from the conception to the production.


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Drilling, a simple machining operation is very often requested in addition to metal wire forming.
Indeed, a hole in a part can allow a travel stop, to put a splined stop pin or to weld a fine wire to another bigger one.
Several drillings can allow a precise adjustment of an interval or of the height between 2 elements.
Our know-how and high technology machinery makes it possible to bend and drill metal wire in different diameters ranging from Ø 0.2mm to 18 mm.
SFAM manufactures to your requirements convex, bended, folded, profiled wire.



Field applications:



Among the many features of these parts, here are some examples of the different type of wire products we can provide:


  • Drilled parts
  • Locking pins
  • Drilled rods
  • Drilled locking pins
  • Drilled pins
  • Threaded hooks
  • Adjustable drilled hanging brackets
  • Custom made threaded wires



Wire section and materials used:



We can use round, half-round, square, flat metal wire sections for diameters going from Ø 0.2 to 18 mm.
Materials used include : C9D mild steel – S235 steel – galvanized mild steel – stainless steel (430 stainless steel,304 stainless steel, 302 stainless steel, 316 food grade stainless steel) – steel spring – galvanized steel spring – aluminium – stainless steel spring – copper – brass – aluminium/zinc – Crapal – Benzinal – piano wire …
Other possibilities on demand…



Finishing and painting of metal parts:



We can ensure the finishing and painting of metal parts by our integrated epoxy and rilsan paint line : white zinc plating or zinc flake coating, powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, chrome, electrolytic polishing, passivation…



Associated services:



Design and creation of tools + Checking fixtures
Unit control of the drilling or reaming quality.



Drilling processes:

The drilling machining operation (with a drill) is one of the most used ones in the manufacturing of mechanical parts. Around 25% of the machining operations are drilling for general mechanics.
We talk about micro-drilling for diameters under 5 mm, whereas for holes with a diameter over 20 mm, we talk about macro-machining.
Drilling must be considered as a roughing operation, and therefore requires a reaming operation to obtain an exact diametric dimension.
Nevertheless, major advances in the conception of drills have permitted to obtain holes directly with an IT9 tolerance. This being a sufficient quality for a large majority of applications.



Tip: The machining time is constant regarding the diameter of the hole.