SFAM is a forward looking company that seeks to ensure quality.


The staff has the constant priority to improve production quality. Therefore our company has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2008, this is mostly noticeable by a daily continuous improvement of our collective performance. SFAM’s teams are trained and apply the “5 S’s” methodology (lean management).


This approach improves our customer’s and supplier’s satisfaction but also the company’s financial health. With also the same target to foster strong relationships within its staff, SFAM has implemented an efficient CAPM software. This system allows us to be much more responsive and answer to our customer’s requirements.


All the raw materials used respect EN 10016-1,EN 10016-2,EN 10016-3 and EN 10016-4 standards.


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SFAM – Standards of quality, service and efficiency


Raw material certificate
Control report
Certificate of compliance
Help with product development and design
Spring calculation
Feasibility study



Checking fixtures
Conventional control means (sliding caliper, height control…)
Camera profile projection