Thanks to a modern and high quality machine pool, SFAM is able to manufacture just a unit with our “prototyping” machine but also mass production with our high cadenced bending machines.


Precision is the core of our business, the high-performing CNC machines we use allow to combine remarkable execution running speed and tight tolerances.


In order to guarantee a short delivery delay, our production is planned by our computer aided production management software (CAPM).

SFAM manufactures and designs in-house the whole of its tools and checking fixtures for more flexibility.

Our production methods department anticipates product development thanks to our CAD software (Computer Aided Design).

The company’s two production units, one situated in the North of France, the other one near Paris, cover more than 5000M2 and offer a pool of over 40 industrial tools for metalwork and assembly.

From a simple bended part to a finished product that’s been put in shape, assembled, painted and packaged, we answer to all your specific needs.

You are welcome to our factories. We are always available to assist your engineering department, research and development teams in their innovative projects!


*wire Ø 3 to 10 mm


Machine pool

High technology CNC machinery for sequential forming or “fold by fold”
Folding machines with multi slides or “cold stamping”
Digital tube bending machines
Press (folding, grinding, cutting…)
Welding robots
Epoxy and Rilsan paint line


Automatic secondary operations
Work on part’s ends allows to design and manufacture to meet your requirements for all high-tech parts.


Automatic threading M3 to M20

Threading by cylindrical rollers or threading by rolling


Automatic press (stamping and drilling)

Die forging and stamp forming
Bashing (nail head)


Automatic chamfering


Machining center (specific machining operations and tools)