SFAM has been manufacturing parts from metal wires, tubes and metal sheets since 1978. Our company has two production plants, one situated in the North of France and another in the region of Paris. From these two factories, we design and manufacture products to meet your unique transformation needs:


  • From wires: bending, folding, cambering, wire winding, mechanical welded assemblies


  • From tubes: bending and all swaging, pressing, punching operations


SFAM masters all the bending technologies, this activity being the company’s historical production:


  • Short bending radius
  • Variable and evolutionary bending radius
  • Press bending
  • Roll bending


Secondly, in addition to the bending operations, SFAM brings an added value by executing all secondary operations on part’s ends:


  • perçage
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Chamfering
  • Bashing
  • Threading
  • Punching
  • Pressing
  • Stamping


And lastly, SFAM ensures the finishing of its production with an integrated paint line or in cooperation with its partners.
The finishing options proposed:


  • Painting
  • Galvanizing
  • Cationic electrolytic coating (cataphoresis)
  • Rilsan coating
  • Zinc plating
  • Electro-polishing
  • Passivation


Our equipment is composed of high-performing CNC machines. Our teams ensure a significant production capacity with a high quality standard in mastered delivery delays. In 2014, we have invested in a “prototyping” machine that allows us to provide bended parts in 72 hours!

SFAM is certified to ISO 9001 – version 2008 and is in the spirit of continuous progress. Our teams are committed to customer satisfaction.


  • PERSONALIZED CONTACT  with our sales teams, they will draw-up a quote for you in 72 hours.


  • SHORT DELIVERY DELAYS: thanks to the professionalism of our teams and our high technology machinery and also due to our CAPM software (Computer Aided Production Management) that enables better order process.


  • PRICES: our organization and French production allow us to offer competitive and adjusted prices.


  •  QUALITY : all our products are controlled during production. Our quality indicator is part of our main concerns and this issue is a central focus during the monthly executive meetings. We are certified to ISO 9001. All the raw materials used respect EN 10016-1, EN 10016-2, EN 10016-3, EN 10016-4 standards.